Audition Information

A note from the Director of Music
Ealing Choral Society is an auditioned choir. The auditions are a means of ensuring a certain level of ability on entry to the choir, and that these levels are maintained subsequently. Given that we are currently attracting so many new members and retaining most current members, competition for places, particularly in the soprano and alto sections, is now very strong. And with limited space in our rehearsal and performance venues, the auditions are more significant than they might have been previously. I thought it would be useful therefore to say a few words about the audition process we have, both to explain and reassure.

The audition lasts about five minutes and is in three parts:

1. Singing some scales and arpeggios
This is to establish vocal range, assess tone and intonation and to warm up and relax a little (though some warming up should of course be done before hand). It's also useful to see if the singer can respond to suggestions regarding vocal technique.

2. Performing a short prepared piece
Here I am listening to intonation, tone, diction and of course to musicality and attention to details (dynamics, phrasing and so on). For guidance on suitable pieces, have a look at works the choir has performed and perhaps select an extract from one of those.

3. Sight-reading
This is a short extract (15-20 seconds) with some occasional challenging rhythms and intervals. This is first sung unaccompanied and then with accompaniment. You can a have a few goes!

We will try to notify you of the outcome shortly after your audition but I need to hear all of the prospective members each term before I make final decisions. Please bear with us!

Some hints:

a)    Don't make any excuses or apologies before you start;

b)    Don't say you're not good enough for another choir so you thought you'd have a go with Ealing;

c)    Choose a piece you enjoy singing and communicate that joy;

d)    Enthusiasm counts for a lot as does willingness to learn the pieces we are performing in your own time;

e)    We want members who are committed to staying with the choir once they have joined.

The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive - Charles, our accompanist, and I are willing you on to do your best and not to be too nervous. We admire the fact that you are enthusiastic and committed enough to go through the audition process.

Good luck!

Jonathan Williams
Director of Music